Sleep Airway Screening Pulse Oximetry Purchasing

How and where to purchase  Sleep airway screening Pulse Oximeter

What you need:
1. Pulse Oximeter with finger probe
2. A way to connect the pulse Ox to the computer so can download
3. A program to download and analyze the data

  1. Pulse Oximeter with Finger Probe

Konica Minolta Pulsox-300i with Soft Tip probe.
Two types of finger probes: Hard and Soft.  The soft is more comfortable.
Need to buy the KIT as it includes the pulse ox, the finger probe, and the connectoin kit so you can link it to a computer.  If you want more than one pulse ox, you can just buy an individual unit without the connect kit. Over time the finger probes wear out and you need to replace them.

Cost estimates 2017 from e-Medtek
8619 S. Sandy Parkway #105
Sandy, UT 84070

Konica Minolta Pulsox 300i Kit, soft finger probe, connection kit Item # R204P17-002……..$925.
Ask for discount, use my name, Dr Droter ($850 with Discount)

Buy Konica Minolta Pulsox 300i Kit:
Medtek Konica Minolta 330i
Ask for discount, use my name, Dr Droter for 10-15% off

Part Numbers:
Pulsox-300i Sleep Study Kit w/o Software – R204P17-002
Pulsox-300i w/ soft finger probe – R204P17 (additional units)
Soft finger probe regular- 134P39-002
Soft finger probe small- 134P39-001
Soft finger probe large- 134P39-003

Note: Once you start using, you will find you need more than one. Order the additional units without the USB connection kit (R204P17). The finger probes wear out over time and you will need to replace.

2. A way to connect the pulse Ox to the computer so can download
USB Junction box comes with kit above. You can use this junction box for many units so only need 1 of these for many Pulsox units.

3. A software program to download and analyze the data

There are many programs that can analyze the gathered data. I have found that “Patient Safety Inc” gives me the most accurate analysis of the data. The report generated is quick and easy to read. I have found their analysis to be close to what a full medical sleep test will reveal. The software is web based. I am not thrilled with Patient Safety Inc. pricing, but there are currently no other choices. There are less expensive software programs out there that can analyze the data, but the analyses are not as predicative or easy to use.

Patient Safety Inc- Can sign up on the web. Chose a plan. You do not need to lease a unit as you already own one.

Create account on website, Software only plan, you own your unit.
No sign up fee. Cost  $35 per month per unit for unlimited reports. Discounts when 5 or more units.

Instructional Flier on how to create an account