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Upcoming Seminars and Presentations

Spear TMD Course 1 with Dr Herb Blumenthal
Jan 10,11,12, 2019,  Spear Education, Scottsdale Arizona
Call (866) 781-0072

Pankey E2-  Morning TMD Lectures 2019
Jan 14, March 25, May 4, July 22, Nov 18

Alabama Dental Society
TMD for the GP: What is a click? , What are clenching and grinding?
Feb 8, 2019

American Equilibration Society
1 hour Presentation: Is Centric Relation important?
Feb 20, 2019

American Equilibration Society
All Day: Dental Technology and TMD
Feb 22, 2019

Colorado Prosthodontic Society
TMD for the GP: What is a click? , What are clenching and grinding?March 11, 2019

Pankey Study Group
How we Learn, How we Teach
Beaver Creek

Spear TMD Course 1 with Dr Herb Blumenthal
August 15,16,17, 2019   Spear Education, Scottsdale Arizona
Call (866) 781-0072

Pankey TMD Update, Key Biscayne FL
October 18,19,20, 2019, LD Pankey Institute, Key Biscayne, FL
(617) 596-0888

Spear TMD Course 2 with Dr Herb Blumenthal
January 2020 tbd,   Spear Education, Scottsdale Arizona
Call (866) 781-0072

Pankey TMD Week, Key Biscayne FL
October  2020, LD Pankey Institue, Key Biscayne, FL
(617) 596-0888


Most Popular and Common Downloads

TMD Supersheet Download1aa Droter Handouts 19.9
Supersheet TMD Dx18.1

Brux supersheet Download
BruxSupersheet lettersize19.10

20+ Various Handouts in one folder
1aa Droter Handouts 20.1


LD Rules of Occlusion and Curve of Spree
LD Rules Curve Spee 18.3

Facial Problem Questionare (Blank)
Facial ProblemQ17.11 blank

D-PAS Construction and Delivery
D-PAS Acrylic.MLee18.3a
D-PAS Acrylic.MLee18.3b

CBCT Review of Scans
CBCT ROS18.10.blank
CBCT ROS guide 18.7
CBCT Rx 19.2 blank

MRI/CT Scan Rx Download

Radiation Comparison Chart Download
Radiation Comparison17.7

Not Sick, Not Healthy Download

Sleep Disordered Breathing Handout
Sleep Disorder Breathing Stages 18.8b

Above the Line LD Pankey Diagram Download
Above the Line Dental Ds Model

Photography Guidlines
Photo Guidelines
Photos: The Big 12

Piper MRI Disc Classification
Piper Disc Classification Handout

Sample MRI/CT Scans
CTMRScan Samples for Laptops
CTMRScan Samples for iPad
Case GT Scans

Sleep Airway Screening Pulse Oximetry Purchasing
Patient Safety Inc.

Downloads for specific Seminars

Maimondes July 2016: What is a Click?

Bioresearch July 2016: BioPAK Integration

Pankey E2 TMD Lecture and Handouts July 2016
TMDE2.16.7 Lecture Slides
Droter Handouts Extra Stuff E2

Big Sky Study Club, Montana, Nov 2016
Lecture Presentation
Handouts Extra Stuff

T-Scan Clinical Applications, LD Pankey Institute, Florida, Dec 2016
Lecture Slides

Pankey E2 TMD Lecture and Handouts Nov 2016
TMDE2.16.11 Lecture Slides
Droter Handouts Extra Stuff E2

Spear TMD 1- Jan 2017- Final Version Lecture Slides
TMD1 Spear 17.1.Final

BigSky Tanner Study Club Feb 2017
Lecture and Stuff
CTMRScan Samples

BioResearch July 2017: Osteoarthrosis/Osteoarthritis
Droter Osteoarthrosis Slides

Spear TMD 2 August 2017
Droter Spear TMD2 17.8final Slides and Handouts
Pat Brinkman, RDH Myofunction Handouts

Pankey TMD October 2017
Droter Pankey TMD Handouts 17.10 final
Pankey TMD

Spear TMD 1 January 2018
SpearTMD1Droter18.1 Lecture Slides

Pankey E2 TMD January 2018

Academy of Operative Dentistry 2018
Op Academy 2018.2

Big Sky Tanner March 2018
BigSky3 2018

Pankey E2 TMD April 2018

Toronto Grind and Clench April 2018
Grind Clench Toronto 2018.key-sm

Toronto What is a Click? April 2018
What is a Click Toronto 2018.key-sm

Spear TMD 2 August 2018
Spear TMD2 18.8 Lecture
Spear TMD2 Handouts

Droter AES 2019Minnesota ACD September 2018
TMD GP 18.9

Pankey TMD 2018, October 2018
Droter Day 1,2,3,4,5

Tanner Big Sky TMD1, Nov 2018
Tanner TMD 1

Spear TMD 1
Droter SpearTMD1.19a

American Equilibration Society, Febuary 2019
Is Centric Relation Important?
Droter AES 2019

TMD Technology AES 2019
TMD Technology

Colorado Prosthodontic Society March 2019
TMD GP Grind Click 19.3

BiTown Study Club
Ottawa Canada March 2019
BiTown TMD GP 19.3

Big Sky Tanner Course 2
Big Sky Tanner Course2 19.3.key-sm

BioResearch JVA/CBCT
BioR 2019 JVA CBCT2
Limit Open Algorithm 19

Spear TMD 1 August 2019
Spear TMD1 19.8.key-sm

TMD for the GP- 2 day Pankey Study Club, Pennsylvania, October 4-5, 2019
TMD GP 2Days 19.10

Michigan Study Club 2019- When CR does not Work
TMD Michigan 2019-sm

Pankey E2 TMD Nov 2019

Big Sky Tanner 3 Course 3

Spear TMD 2 Jan 2020
Spear TMD2 Droter

Acorn Study Club Feb 2020 Houston
Acorn 20.2

LD Pankey E2 Nov 2020